Tree Trimming with Chain Saws

IMG_20140906_163537899Have you ever watched the competitive tree cutting competitions they play on tv. Those guys are nuts and super good athletes. The guys from that team tree removal wichita ks are the best i have ever seen. they tore through the trees and did faster than any other team that even tried. This is going to be the newest and biggest sporting event south of the mississippi. You may even see it up in northern california or in washington and Oregon depending on how good they can cut down thos ebig redwood tree.  I am not sure i want to cut down those beautiful trees so maybe they could just gather the ones that have already fallen and use those in the sporting competitions. I know the guys from the great wichita tree service seemed like they brought their own wood. And they cleaned up after themselves when they were done shopping up those huge logs. The only thing left was a bunch of wood chips that this old guy wanted, he was going to make mulch or something like that.

So next time you see one of those logging competitions on tv you should sit down and take the time to watch it. Maybe you will learn something about a new sporting competition. You will for sure learn how to climb a tree fast with a chainsaw in your hand. Also you learn about the different types of wood they are cutting up. Some wood is easier and some is a little harder. you need to think about it in terms of competition and think about which would work the best for the athletes.

So the bay area is the place with all the big trees and they like to come out and support the games as the best tree trimming wichita ks is on the job. And they are sponsoring a great team of tree chopper guys that are trying to win the whole tree trimming contest and championships.

Thank you for taking the time and coming here to read my sports story about the competitive tree chopping games.

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