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Tree Trimming with Chain Saws

IMG_20140906_163537899Have you ever watched the competitive tree cutting competitions they play on tv. Those guys are nuts and super good athletes. The guys from that team tree removal wichita ks are the best i have ever seen. they tore through the trees and did faster than any other team that even tried. This is going to be the newest and biggest sporting event south of the mississippi. You may even see it up in northern california or in washington and Oregon depending on how good they can cut down thos ebig redwood tree.  I am not sure i want to cut down those beautiful trees so maybe they could just gather the ones that have already fallen and use those in the sporting competitions. I know the guys from the great wichita tree service seemed like they brought their own wood. And they cleaned up after themselves when they were done shopping up those huge logs. The only thing left was a bunch of wood chips that this old guy wanted, he was going to make mulch or something like that.

So next time you see one of those logging competitions on tv you should sit down and take the time to watch it. Maybe you will learn something about a new sporting competition. You will for sure learn how to climb a tree fast with a chainsaw in your hand. Also you learn about the different types of wood they are cutting up. Some wood is easier and some is a little harder. you need to think about it in terms of competition and think about which would work the best for the athletes.

So the bay area is the place with all the big trees and they like to come out and support the games as the best tree trimming wichita ks is on the job. And they are sponsoring a great team of tree chopper guys that are trying to win the whole tree trimming contest and championships.

Thank you for taking the time and coming here to read my sports story about the competitive tree chopping games.

Riverside Taxi

IMG016If you are in the area of Riverside Ca and you find yourself in need of a can you should call Riverside Taxi. They are the best Riverside Cab service in the city and may be even in the Inland empire. Maybe plugging their number into your phone is a good idea but probably memorizing it so you can help a friend in need is the best thing you could do to ensure your safety and the well being of your girlfriends. Always make sure everyone get home safe with a Riverside cab service. The drivers are all drug screened and background check to ensure they have the highest quality employees you can can find for drivers in Riverside County.

You can look out for the drunks in your group like this guy in the picture above. He was so hammered he tried to drive home and we had to stop him and make sure we took his car keys away from him. We called Riverside Super Taxi and their driver JD came and pick him up right out in the desert to make sure he did not get hurt and made it home to his family with not a scratch on him.  He was so drunk we told him Riverside Taxi was a premier limo company and he was being escorted by a professional driver who has 25 years of experience in the city of Riverside Ca. he was so stoked to wake up in him bed the next morning i told him he owed me the taxi fee. he gladly payed me even though we had taken the money out of his pocket the night before. The Riverside cab service is so cheap it was not a big deal i think it saved him a lot of money that he would of spent on an attorney and getting out of jail and paying huge fine for a DUI.

So in my book this guy still owes me money, not only did i get him home safe but i knew the taxi companies phone number by heart and was able to plug it in his phone for the next time he tries to party with the big dogs.

Riverside Towing

riverside_ca_ towingIf you are ever in a jam at any event have a malfunction you can call Riverside Towing. The premier tow company in the city of Riverside Ca. They handle all types of emergency tow services. They have the big flat bed tow trucks and the quick easy tow trucks for those jobs that need to be done in a hurry. you can call anytime and get a professional dispatch person on the phone with a free quote and a estimated time of arrival for your tow truck. You will always feel safe on the highways of Riverside County and you can feel secure knowing Riverside Towing Pros know how to go offroad. So if you are out four wheeling and you find yourself in a deep rut you can call and get a tow truck to come help you get out.

Our drivers live in the inland Empire and know the city and countryside. They have driven all the major freeways and know the shortcuts and the secret ways around the great city of Riverside California. You will have a safe, courteous, hardworking, professional come give you a tow or change your tire for you. Even if it’s a small job like running out of gas that’s ok, You can still call Riverside Towing Professionals to come save your day and make everything ok.

So take the time and plug a good tow service in your cell phone so you know you are always not far from help. It is just the smart thing to do in a city of so many cars and so many instances where you may need to have a car towed out of your way so you can have your parking spot back. Or you may end up right behind an accident on the frwy and want to have it moved as ooon as possible. Why not just call yourself and get that tow truck there as soon as possible so you are not late for dinner.

I am sure there are other uses for a good Tow Truck Company in Riverside California. So just make sure you have the phone number handy.



Wichita Taxi

What would a day in Wichita Ks be like without a little weather? The wind in the air the smell of fall coming on ever so strong, the watchful eye out for the certain weather event. The feeling that you would rather just be sightseeing than having to navigate the highways and try to figure out the best possible route with no traffic and of course without missing any of the famous places.

The idea here is to not have any additional worries when visiting this city. You can easily hire a professional Taxi Cab Company in Wichita Ks for not very much money. It will feel like you have your own personal chauffeur for the ride to and from any event or appointment you may have. Wichita Taxi service does have an amazing mobile web page where the phone number does show up first, and just a press and your phone will automatically call the company.  Or you can always just plug the taxi phone number and have it in your phone for easy access anytime.wichita_ks_taxi

You can now go back to the sightseeing knowing your ride is covered and you do not need to think or learn the city streets. No need to remember how to get home or worry about having a few cocktails. You will get home safe from a professional driver who is screened for his job. He will be a professional driver who keep his taxi cab clean. The car will be new and have plenty of room for as many family members as you decide to bring along with you.

You can save money by not having to pay for a rental car or pay for fuel and issuance. You won’t have to worry about where to park and how much that  parking just might coast at some of the more expensive show you will be attending because you saved so much money on that ride.

So take a sound look at how you want to get around in that new town or on that business trip. Maybe take the time to plug in a good taxi company phone number so you will not have to hassle with looking it up later.