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Riverside Taxi

IMG016If you are in the area of Riverside Ca and you find yourself in need of a can you should call Riverside Taxi. They are the best Riverside Cab service in the city and may be even in the Inland empire. Maybe plugging their number into your phone is a good idea but probably memorizing it so you can help a friend in need is the best thing you could do to ensure your safety and the well being of your girlfriends. Always make sure everyone get home safe with a Riverside cab service. The drivers are all drug screened and background check to ensure they have the highest quality employees you can can find for drivers in Riverside County.

You can look out for the drunks in your group like this guy in the picture above. He was so hammered he tried to drive home and we had to stop him and make sure we took his car keys away from him. We called Riverside Super Taxi and their driver JD came and pick him up right out in the desert to make sure he did not get hurt and made it home to his family with not a scratch on him.  He was so drunk we told him Riverside Taxi was a premier limo company and he was being escorted by a professional driver who has 25 years of experience in the city of Riverside Ca. he was so stoked to wake up in him bed the next morning i told him he owed me the taxi fee. he gladly payed me even though we had taken the money out of his pocket the night before. The Riverside cab service is so cheap it was not a big deal i think it saved him a lot of money that he would of spent on an attorney and getting out of jail and paying huge fine for a DUI.

So in my book this guy still owes me money, not only did i get him home safe but i knew the taxi companies phone number by heart and was able to plug it in his phone for the next time he tries to party with the big dogs.